Hey, I’m Erik and welcome to this slice of mediocrity. If you’re wondering “Hey man, what’s the actual point of this site?” The short answer is, the site exists to fulfill my whims, whims that generally deal with the niche interests of a middle-aged nerd. I know I know, I’m sure that clears EVERYTHING up. Perhaps a bulleted list is in order:

  • Music – fair warning, there will be a lot of snobbery
  • Gaming – video, board, and card games
  • Sports – Chicago centric
  • Politics – a rarity, but will happen on occasion

Hopefully that clears things up a bit. There will likely be a lot of Path of Exile, and Magic the Gathering talk in addition to providing excellent music suggestions.

Oh right, so why the name Charisma Rifles? The name of the site is a nod to the types of characters I like to play in video games like Fallout, Mass Effect, and Shadowrun. The general idea being that I tend to play characters with high social skills that utilize the generally forgiving rifle weapon class for the dirty work.

There we have it, welcome to Charisma Rifles.