Today is good music day

It’s not even noon and I’ve come across some pretty great stuff. The A.V. Club and Consequence of Sound continue to deliver.

First up we have the Chemical Brothers with a pretty sweet dance track, but there’s also this haunting melody hanging out in the background. Good times.

Next is Blood Lemon with the track “Black-Capped Cry.” This is the first I’ve heard them, and the first word that comes to mind for this song is “nice.” It’s pretty dark, yet soothing.

Finally we have BIG|BRAVE weighing us down with “Half Breed.” This one requires some patience from the listener. HEAVY might be an understatement, perhaps oppressive is a better word. I love it.

To top everything off, Dinosaur Jr. released Sweep It Into Space today. Early reviews are quite good. Enjoy nerds!